Consulting veteran launches Revenue Arc

27 June 2024 2 min. read
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Sales performance consultancy Revenue Arc has opened for business. The Surrey-based advisory firm has been founded by Mark C. Ward, a consulting expert with more than two decades of experience solving revenue growth challenges.

"When sales revenue hits a wall, the only lasting solution is to tackle the entire revenue system – that intricate web of strategies, structures, processes, people, and technology," explained Ward, who takes on the role of CEO with the new company.

Ward has spent his career helping clients to improve their revenue growth. Having founded and led Daimon Consulting, which operated in the UK and South Africa, he worked from 2001 onwards to support consultants from firms such as Accenture and Mazars, as they worked to help clients realise their potential. In the years since, he has also authored a book, titles ‘Sales Turnaround’, and spent seven years as a consulting partner with Mentor Group.

Consulting veteran launches Revenue Arc

Now, though, he has decided to once again strike out alone with the launch of a new firm. Specialising in the complex selling environments typical of professional services firms, Revenue Arc serves firms of all sizes and levels of maturity. The firm's integrated consulting services span the entire revenue system, including diagnostics and due diligence, business development and sales strategy, operations, go-to-market, enablement, talent management, and analytics, delivering a comprehensive approach to drive sustainable growth and value creation.

According to a release from the firm, Revenue Arc sets itself apart with its “comprehensive, revenue system-wide approach to solving the most complex growth challenges”. At the same time, the company promises “world-class, proprietary sales diagnostics and due diligence processes”, which can help it to optimise all critical components across the entire revenue system, driving sustainable growth.

This centres on Revenue Arc's networked delivery model, which it says “harnesses the collective expertise of exceptional independent consultants across the world collaborating closely with the in-house team”.

Ward expanded, "We strategically assemble expert teams to align and optimise every aspect of this system, from high-level strategy to on-the-ground execution. By taking a comprehensive approach and leaving no stone unturned, we empower our clients to smash through growth bottlenecks and maximise value creation. This is what sets us apart."