Deltek renews focus on purposeful innovation

14 April 2023 2 min. read
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Deltek has declared a renewed focus on innovation for 2023. Having heavily invested in product enhancements over 2022, the company continues to evolve its offering to keep up with the needs of modern businesses.

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with over 2,500 employees worldwide, Deltek is a global software provider to the professional services industry. As the firm gets a new year of growth underway, the firm has announced a renewed focus on purposeful innovation.

Neil Davidson, Deltek’s Group Vice President of Professional Services, commented, “In 2022, we saw companies realise that employee well-being, morale and overall engagement is a huge factor in the success of a project. And, technology was utilised not only for operational efficiencies, but to enhance the employee experience. Innovation requires companywide learning, creativity, team building and enhanced communication amongst its workforce, all drivers of employee motivation.”

Neil Davidson, Vice President of Professional Services, Deltek

With the battle for talent more competitive than ever, professional services firms Deltek serves sought to embrace new tech tools as one way to engage their workforces and attract new candidates. Having already heavily invested in product enhancements in 2022, Deltek is now determined to showcase its commitment to further evolving its products and services – in anticipation of this trend continuing.

Davidson added, “We all know that the rising cost-of-living is impacting businesses of all sizes across all sectors. From material costs skyrocketing through to office operating costs, the financial squeeze is being felt across business operations. However, we’ve seen first-hand how resilient our business community is. Our job at Deltek is helping businesses maintain productivity and that can help ease the pressures felt. And we’re proud to do exactly that. Digital transformation is a simple solution in a world of challenges that can enable businesses to streamline operations, support staff and better understand the business.” 

According to Deltek, firms that have not yet embraced the digital era will continue to face a series of interlinked challenges in 2023, including quickly maturing their digital transformation strategies and moving to the cloud. Successful project-based businesses will embrace digital transformation to bring best of breed solutions together, embrace cloud-based solutions to meet cybersecurity and data protection requirements, and upgrade their existing technology to attract talent.

To support clients through these trends, Deltek will continue innovating existing products including Maconomy, Vantagepoint, Ajera, WorkBook and Costpoint – among the core solutions which attracted thousands of new customers in 2022. The firm’s emphasis on product development aligns directly to customers’ appetites towards digital transformation.