Rev-Trac and Turnkey Consulting to fight SAP cyber-attacks

23 February 2023 2 min. read
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As SAP systems become interconnected with every facet of business, the risk of hacking rises. A new alliance between SAP change manager Rev-Trac and Turnkey Consulting will help clients combat cyber-attacks.

Founded in 2004, Turnkey Consulting is a specialist risk and security company, offering business consulting and technical implementation services to clients running complex ERP solutions. Operating from offices in the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and the US, Turnkey works for companies including CyberArk, KnowB4, Onapsis, Sailpoint, SAP, Security Bridge and ServiceNow.

Meanwhile, Rev-Trac is a leader in SAP change management and DevOps orchestration. Its SAP change management and intelligence products – Rev-Trac Platinum, Rev-Trac ONE, and Rev-Trac Insights – help reduce the risk and lower the costs of managing and delivering changes in SAP software across ALM and DevOps platforms.

Rev-Trac and Turnkey Consulting to fight SAP cyber-attacks

As Turnkey looks to enhance its support of SAP-using organisations, and help them reduce the risk exposure their operations to hackers, the consultancy has struck up a new partnership with Rev-Trac. Since early February 2023, Turnkey has started to offer Rev-Trac Platinum to its customers.

Rob Tyler, Cyber Security Practice Director for Turnkey Consulting, said, “We are delighted to partner with Rev-Trac to help secure business-critical applications and prevent unplanned disruptions which can potentially cost millions of dollars. This partnership helps us in our ongoing drive to provide comprehensive and effective protection against cyber-attacks on the SAP application layer. With Rev-Trac’s automation and governance capabilities, our customers can reduce SAP change risk considerably and enforce standardised change management processes, saving time and money while ensuring compliance.”

SAP is one of the world's leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organisations. As SAP systems become integrated across more departments, escalating ransomware and phishing attacks and increasing the potential attack surface, with integrations often requiring custom coding to work.  

This has led to a recent increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks. According to Daniel Clark, Global Partner Manager for Rev-Trac, security practices must be built into the development process to avoid code vulnerabilities migrating to production – something Rev-Trac’s partnership with Turnkey can help realise.

“Cyber-attacks can shut down the production system and bring organisations to a halt,” Clark added. “Detecting and resolving vulnerabilities before they make it out of the development system reduces risk and improves delivery time on business requirements. Rev-Trac provides users with the appropriate risk management and mitigation tools to manage and monitor issues and prevent costly shutdowns.”