Strategy consultancy Stax acquires AMR International

10 November 2022 2 min. read
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AMR International has been acquired by Stax for an undisclosed fee. The move will enable the US-based strategy consultancy to expand into the UK, and the wider European market.

Founded in 1991, AMR International is a boutique strategy consulting firm. With offices in London, Paris and New York, AMR which has worked for clients ranging from multinational corporations and private companies to associations, investment banks, and private equity funds. This has included work on over 2,000 projects, more than 500 private equity engagements, and flown out to work in more than 40 countries.

Stax is a global strategy consulting firm specialising in commercial due diligence, value creation, and exit planning for private equity firms, PE-backed companies, hedge funds, and investment banks. The move for AMR has enabled it to expand into London, as it seeks to tap into the world’s second largest consulting market.

Strategy consultancy Stax acquires AMR International

AMR focuses on guiding strategy and creating value for private equity firms, hedge funds, and global corporations through commercial due diligence, value creation, and exit planning engagements. As it helps Stax provide these services in a new continent, its founder Denzil Rankine, and Executive Chairman Florent Jarry, will assume the roles of Stax Managing Directors in Europe.

Rankine noted, “We at AMR are delighted to become part of Stax. We look forward to expanding relationships that our team has built over the last 30 years and serving our clients even more fully by benefiting from Stax’s value-added, resource-driven infrastructure... We are proud of what we have built at AMR and delighted to find a very strong cultural fit with the Stax team. In this next chapter, with Florent and myself becoming shareholders in Stax, our team will enjoy increased access to global resources, diversified products, industries, and client engagements, along with enhanced career opportunities."

The deal marks another step towards market expansion, at a time when global disruption, private equity continues to expand in the UK and Europe. The acquisition was enabled by Stax’s equity sponsor, Blue Point Capital Partners, which supports Stax’s product, market, and client vision.

Stax Senior Managing Director, Paul Edwards, commented, “We are excited to announce this expansion which extends our services and offerings in London and Europe more broadly—one of our fastest growing geographies. Like our own private equity clients who have recently established and expanded European operations, this will allow us to better support and grow our European client base as demand continues to accelerate within Europe.”