US Marine Corps awards CGI 20 million dollar contract

12 January 2016 2 min. read
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CGI has won a $19.6 million deal with the US Marine Corps’ Blount Island Command – where much of the Corps’ key equipment is maintained, upgraded or replaced. CGI has worked with the Corps since 1992 at Blount Island, and will, under the new contract, provide a range of logistics, engineering and IT support services across six major areas.

The US Marine Corps (USMC) is a United States Armed Forces branch that delivers rapidly-deliverable combined-arms task forces on land, at sea and in the air. The branch became active in 1798 and has been engaging in amphibious and other asymmetric combat missions in a variety of theatres since. The USMC has around 182,000 active members and is headquartered at The Pentagon in Virginia.

US Marine Corps awards CGI contract

As part of its operations, the USMC runs the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) Programme. This programme, every three years, sees equipment and supplies rotate through the Blount Island support facility, which provides equipment updating, maintaining and logistics support for prepositioning these equipment and supplies.

CGI's $19.6 million logistics services contract with the USMC will see the consulting firm provide a wide range of support to the Blount Island Command. The deal is a re-compete win for CGI, having provided similar support to the Blount Island Command since 1992; it is initially for one year, with the option of extending for an additional four years.

Services include logistics, engineering and IT support in six major areas: prepositioning objective tailoring; logistics planning support; technical data; logistics information support systems; programming support; and automated identification technology (AIT) implementation. CGI will further support the Blount Island Command by providing data quality control, tracking, training, and help desk. Additional services include the provision of streamlined business processes, such as those able to provide real-time tracking of equipment in maintenance or equipment distributed to units during MPF arrival and assembly.

US Marine Corps

Patrick Dougherty, CGI’s Senior Vice-President for US Defence Programmes, comments: “Managing logistics at Blount Island Command is an enormous mission CGI is proud to support with the type of advanced technology capabilities needed to meet the Command’s logistical challenges.”

In the UK, CGI has also been active in supporting the armed forces and is working with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) in a variety of projects. These include a contract to enhance its Defence Medical Services with an integrated electronic health record, as part of a consortium (titled ATLAS) delivering the Defence Information Infrastructure, and offer solution for the MOD’s artillery fire system involving the development of a control app.