Wayne Guay affiliates with Cornerstone Research

18 December 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Wayne Guay has affiliated with Cornerstone Research. Guay, a professor of Accounting at the Wharton School, brings many years of experience in various court settings, as well as expertise on executive compensation and valuation to the firm.

Wayne Guay has been professing at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, since 1997. First as an Assistant Professor of Accounting until 2004, then as an Associate Professor of Accounting until 2010, and has since been the Yageo Professor of Accounting. He is an expert on executive compensation and incentives, including valuation of employee stock options, insider trading, and the design of executive compensation contracts. In addition to his teaching and researching position, Guay is the co-editor of the Journal of Accounting and Economics, and has served on the editorial boards of several other journals, including the Journal of Accounting Research and the Accounting Review. Since 2001, Guay also provides expert testimony on a range of matters, including stock options, insider trading, corporate governance, valuation, and general analysis of finance and accounting issues.

Guay holds a BSc in Engineering and Management from Clarkson University, an MBA from Northeastern University, and an MSc in Business Administration, as well as a PhD in Accounting, from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester.

Wayne Guay and Michael Burton, Cornerstone Research

Guay’s affiliation with Cornerstone Research will see him provide expert testimony for the firm’s clients. His expertise for the role developed from his academic background, as well as the many years of experience in litigation matters at the international court; regulatory agencies; and US district courts, bankruptcy courts, and state circuit courts.

“Wayne is a leading expert on issues related to executive compensation, corporate governance, and valuation,” says Cornerstone Research President and CEO Michael E. Burton. “Our clients and our firm will benefit from his deep knowledge and his extensive experience testifying in those areas.”

Guay joins a growing list of university professors that have joined forces with Cornerstone Research. Earlier this year, Harvard Professors Stuart Gilson and Ariel Pakes affiliated themselves with Cornerstone Research, as well as Daniel Sumner and Anindya Ghose, Professor at the University of California and Professor of the Stern School of Business at New York University respectively.