BJSS launches post-pandemic agile methodology

24 January 2022 3 min. read
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As software development accelerates, businesses must adopt an agile approach in their quests to undergo data-enabled transformations. To help its clients do just that, BJSS has launched a new edition of a book of methodology for enterprise-scale software delivery.

Olivier Subramanian, Head of Cloud, Agile and DevOps Strategy Consulting Service at BJSS, commented, “The way in which data projects are delivered is out of step with the advances in software delivery, so much so that data projects are usually real headaches for many large organisations. At BJSS, we believe that data is an enabler of digital transformation and underpins any meaningful technological or organisational agility, which is why we have applied our Enterprise Agile approach to data projects in this latest edition.”

According to a release from BJSS, the consulting firm’s Enterprise Agile programme is backed by decades of practical experience. Meanwhile, the company contends that it is the “only methodology aligning agile software delivery processes with the typical challenges faced by larger organisations”.

BJSS launches post-pandemic agile methodology

Subramanian explained, “Enterprise Agile is the collective wisdom of all the projects that BJSS has delivered over the past 30 years. This is a live document, so every learning we take from our practical experiences is filtered into the methodology to allow us to continuously improve. By reissuing the book with new thinking, we are sharing our secrets to help organisations benefit from increased flexibility and agility when it comes to their IT.”

Previously, Enterprise Agile’s approach has been commended with a number of awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation for Winning Delivery Approach.The 2022 edition of Enterprise Agile draws on three decades of experience in delivery for both public and private sector clients, including the NHS, Co-op, E.ON and RBS.

The book describes how employing good practice delivery models and embracing new technologies and paradigms can help transform organisational agility and deliver real business benefits. With this relaunch, it also includes a newly added chapter titled ‘Enterprise Data’, which applies Enterprise Agile’s proven software delivery techniques to data projects. In this chapter, BJSS’ experts outline approaches for approaching data projects as products and managing them in the same way as software projects.

“We hope our insights will encourage business leaders to take stock of where they are as we enter 2022, and seriously consider whether they are fulfilling their potential by taking an Agile approach to their business strategy,”Subramanian concluded. “Importantly, when it comes to Enterprise Agile, we practice what we preach. Enterprise Agile is the methodology that BJSS applies to all client projects – and we have seen time and time again the benefits and results that our clients achieve through it.”

Founded in 1993, BJSS is headquartered in Leeds, with offices across the UK, the EU, the US and Australia. Late last year, the IT consultancy announced it would invest in eight new locations across the UK. The move will create more than 200 jobs – all outside of London.