OC&C Strategy Consultants resumes in Benelux with 50-strong team

01 November 2021 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

Five years after seeing its Benelux team leave the firm for EY-Parthenon, the majority of the team has now returned to OC&C Strategy Consultants.

“We’re delighted to resume operations in the Benelux – it’s a great recognition of our gold standard approach to strategy and the developments we’ve achieved over the years,” said Will Hayllar, the Global Managing Partner of OC&C Strategy Consultants. 

When the Benelux office joined EY-Parthenon back in September 2016, OC&C Strategy Consultants operated as a network of local partnerships. Since, OC&C has transitioned to a fully integrated model, meaning that its offices work seamlessly together toward a shared strategy leveraging a united profit & loss.

OC&C Strategy Consultants resumes in Benelux with 50-strong team

The firm has also re-iterated its key values of independence and being a pure-play strategy boutique (most of its peers such as McKinsey, BCG and Bain have diversified into several other fields of work), and demonstrated the success of its approach. “Since 2015 we have more than trebled, driven by organic growth and one other firm joining, Long Term Partners in Italy,” commented Hayllar.

“Our winning formula is based on a relentless focus on strategy consulting, the ability to collaborate seamlessly across borders with our clients and the commitment to developing our people. This approach has been central to the Benelux team’s desire to re-join us, this time fully integrated into the global firm, and we are very happy to be welcoming them back,” he added. 

Marc van der Goot, one of the five partners crossing to OC&C Strategy Consultants and Benelux Managing Partner said: “We look forward to contributing to the further growth and success of OC&C as the premium strategy consulting boutique in a world where most other firms go multi-services.”

The four other partners joining are Bram Kuijpers, Irvin Faneyte, Teun van der Zijden (all three were at OC&C prior to EY-Parthenon) and Hans Boezel (ex-Kearney). They are joined by their core team of over 40 consultants. 

“The Netherlands-based team is closely aligned to OC&C’s global practice, with sector expertise in consumer goods, retail, technology, as well as the travel and logistics elements of OC&C’s leisure and business to business practices,” said Hayllar. OC&C’s work centres around three core areas: corporate and business unit strategy, top-line growth and commercial due diligence services. 

The addition of the Benelux team lifts OC&C’s global headcount to over 500 consultants, including 75 partners. “We position ourselves as a boutique, and are not trying to be the biggest. Instead, we focus on providing high quality, bespoke advice and being the number one home for strategy talent.”

“We are extremely delighted to have been offered the opportunity to rejoin OC&C.”
– Marc van der Goot, Benelux Managing Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants 

Looking ahead, Hayllar said that he expects OC&C Strategy Consultants to continue its growth in the coming period, as the global economy adapts to structural change and clients seek advice to shape their future. “With so much fundamental change, accelerated by technology, there is a compelling need for strategic advice. It’s a very interesting time to be in, helping our clients define and see them through their paths towards a successful future.”

Meanwhile, EY-Parthenon’s remaining team in the Benelux have committed to rebuild. Globally, the strategy consultancy has a global headcount of more than 6,500 professionals and 750 partners. In EY’s latest financial year, EY-Parthenon was the firm’s fastest growing business unit, cracking 20% growth in fee income. 

Last month, EY-Parthenon acquired CMA Strategy Consulting, adding teams in the US and UK.