Independence is a core value for the firm, says OC&C

23 June 2017 1 min. read

On Tuesday, reported that EY is rumoured to be eyeing OC&C Strategy Consultants, one of the globe’s premier strategy consulting firms. Commenting on the news, David Krucik, Managing Partner of OC&C Strategy Consultants, says that the firm is remaining independent, and will leverage its growth and unique capabilities to further expand its footprint across the globe. 

Krucik says OC&C were bemused to read the article’s view on the future of the firm, sending in below reaction to set the record straight: 

“Over the 30 years since OC&C’s foundation, we have been called almost every week by firms and investors wanting to snap us up. However flattering this is, the answer is always the same: our partners started* with and remain committed to a vision of independence. That continues to be part of a winning strategy that has proved successful globally and enables us to achieve above market growth year on year.”

“The OC&C global firm is not in conversations with anyone about being acquired, nor interested in starting such a conversation. We’re too successful and having too much fun as it is.”

David Krucik, Managing Partner of OC&C Strategy Consultants

“We are incredibly proud of our clients, who are winners in their fields and includes 15 of the world’s 50 most valuable brands. We focus on our deep sector expertise and specialist knowledge to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients. This is something we can deliver with our scale and the quality of our staff.”

“As we look to the future, we are focused on growth and adding more offices to our International Partnership across the world’s largest markets, further expanding our footprint and ability to serve our clients in our chosen sectors.”

OC&C Strategy Consultants has fourteen offices in nine countries, generating revenues of round $150 million.

* The consultancy was founded in London in 1987 by two former partners of the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.