Salvation Army implements Northdoor's supply chain risk solution

28 October 2021 2 min. read

The Salvation Army has implemented Northdoor’s RiskXchange solution, working with the IT consultancy to design, develop and implement the new system.

The leading international charity has recognised for some time the importance of not only managing direct organisational risk, but also indirect risk which their third-party supply chain can present. This is where Northdoor’s RiskXchange solution comes in – the solution helps organisations with mapping their partner and client ecosystem for an integral view of cyber risks.

Salvation Army implements Northdoor's supply chain risk solution

The challenge

The Salvation Army’s Information Security team were aware that combating third party cyber security risk and managing data protection was an on-going process and that existing in house practices and solutions must regularly be reviewed and constantly evolve to ensure maximum protection at minimum cost and effort.

Internal historic practices, although still effective, were consuming more time, incurring more effort and increasing costs. Married with ensuring compliance against new legislation such as GDPR, it was recognised that change was required.

The solution

With that in mind, CIO Miguel Fallios turned to RiskXchange from Northdoor. Fallios recognised that RiskXchange provided a simple, automated and centralised risk management solution that would enable his organisation to better manage their own cyber risk score as well as ensuring their suppliers and third-party partners met their GDPR requirements.

A stand out solution feature for the charity was the ability to automate the 3rd party supply chain cyber security risk management process.

The result

Following a successful implementation, RiskXchange provides reassurance to the Information Security team that third-party cyber security risk is being minimised via a continual and automated assessment process, rather than a traditional ‘point in time’ view. In addition, the solution has helped to streamline the risk management process, saving valuable time and money which the organisation can re-invest into its core objective, helping people in need.

Miguel Fiallos, CIO of the Salvation Army, said: “Ensuring that our third-party supply chain is secure is of paramount importance to us and whereas it used to take weeks and in some cases months to complete lengthy third-party vendor assessments, it now takes us hours. Northdoor has helped us to streamline the process, saving valuable time and money, which we can re-invest into helping people in need.”

“The Automated Security Ratings and Assessments solution that RiskXchange provides helps us facilitate sometimes tricky security analysis with our suppliers, making it an integral part of our vendor risk management program.”