CSRN partners with Q5 to empower students in third sector

13 May 2021 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

The Covid-19 Student Response Network (CSRN) has named management consultancy Q5 as the exclusive corporate training partner for its First Steps Programme.

The First Steps Programme was launched in April this year by the CSRN to empower and increase education for students. Aimed at sixth form students, the programme offers a real-world context for A-Level students to learn and practice essential skills such as structured thinking and problem solving in the third sector. 

Since its launch, the programme has built connections with charities in Africa, Lebanon (in response to the devastating Beirut port explosion), and more, offering participating students to help these charities with, among others, fundraising strategies, marketing and media strategy, volunteering strategy and general problem solving. 

CSRN partners with Q5 to empower students in third sector

As the exclusive corporate training partner, consultants from Q5 will train students to provide them with the necessary capabilities to deliver results. Q5’s consultants will also review each project before presentation in focused clinics for each team, provide mentoring support throughout projects, and elevate the delivery of presentations to ensure high impact results for the charities. 

“The fresh perspectives that young people can offer when problem solving is an untapped source of valuable and insightful ideas, something that should be listened to and developed,” said Giselle Valero, Head of the Programme. “These students are the future of our workforce and we want to equip them in the best possible way for their future journeys, in education or careers, so they can maximise their impact in positive social changes.”

“We are delighted to work with Q5, an award-winning consulting firm which has extensive experience supporting charities [including through its pandemic-response initiative Pop Up Consulting] and with supporting 15-17-year-olds with interaction with the workplace and network building, through the Q5 Youth Panel,” she added. 

Meanwhile, for Q5, the partnership adds to a growing list of initiatives that fall under its corporate social responsibility strategy. “Having a significant social impact is one of the deeply held values of Q5. With the First Steps Programme, Q5 is emphasising not only the importance of youth empowerment but the consultancy’s role in empowering it,” said the firm in a statement.