Tolu Ajakaiye launches her own consultancy: Evance Consulting

29 April 2021 3 min. read
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With more than a decade of business experience under her belt, Tolu Ajakaiye has launched Evance Consulting, a consultancy focused on the (digital) transformation of back-office business processes. 

Working as a Business Analyst Consultant for the last three years, Tolu decided to follow her mantra to ‘evolve to stay relevant’. In the previous year, she spent her time finding her niche, identifying her clients, watching digital transformation trends closely, and identifying where she could provide the highest value for her clients. 

Her research into digital transformation highlighted the gap in the market – “a failure in back-office change as part of the end-to-end digital journey.” Tolu explained, “Most digital transformation projects focus on customer front-end processes and fail to strengthen the backbone of operations.”

Tolu Ajakaiye launches her own consultancy: Evance Consulting

Tolu brings years of experience in back-offices to her venture, from designing operating models and processes to system implementations. “Working with CxOs, HR, and Operations to simplify back-office complexity for greater performance is a niche I’ve gained extensive experience in,” she said. 

While discussing the driving force behind her consulting firm, Tolu said, “Everyone says the world is changing and continuously going through a digital shift. But the question is how we can leverage the change for our benefit. I believe there should be no uncertainty when executing digital business transformation. It should focus on enterprise agility.” 

“At Evance Consulting, we focus on helping employees, and their teams transform repetitive tasks with automated technology. Once we attain that goal, there's nothing more satisfying than working closely with talented colleagues to deliver productive outcomes, expanding capabilities, and seeing our efforts make a tangible impact on the entire organisation's performance.”

“This is the age when management consultancies can be agile and help mid-sized businesses,” Tolu went on. “There are many advantages for working with an independent management consultancy such as flexibility, and ease/speed of contracting.” 

“At Evance Consulting, we treat every project as a professional adventure with our clients. We aim to help the world's leading organisations make the best use of technology and intelligent process automation solutions and to adapt their business strategies to the changing consumer and citizen needs.” 

Having worked with Tolu for several years on a digital marketing transformation, Ron Person – a 30-year consulting veteran and the founder of US-based Critical to Success – said that she is excellently positioned to run a successful consulting business. 

“I'm a founder of software as service (SaaS) company and two successful boutique consulting firms. If I were starting another consulting business that focused on helping clients achieve their objectives, I would want Tolu onboard.” 

Located in London, Evance Consulting provides advisory offerings (identifying the business case for change and planning) and execution support (helping clients with delivering back-office change processes). The niche consultancy focuses on small- and mid-sized enterprises.