Comatch completes 40 consulting projects in first year

15 October 2015 2 min. read
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Comatch, a German consultancy s-commerce start-up, has provided 40 clients with expertise in its first year, of which 95% is willing to recommend the service. The platform seeks to connect its community of more than 470 top tier handpicked freelance consultants with clients seeking creative solutions.

Online platforms that provide s-commerce services are on the rise as a channel of matching professionals with clients. According to a recent study from McKinsey & Company, digital talent platforms are set to revolutionise business, holding the potential to add $2.7 trillion to GDP by 2025. The professional services industry, including accounting, engineering and management consulting, is one of the largest beneficiaries of the forecasted value added. Not surprisingly, across the globe platforms are being established to tap into the market potential, including the likes of blur in the UK, Expert360 in Australia, Newcoventure in Germany and VirtualCC in the Netherlands.

Comatch experts

Another platform that has recently made headlines within the industry for its service, is the Germany based Comatch. The service seeks to create a similar market place to other s-commerce platforms, such as blur and Expert360, within the German speaking market, with its first year footprint already expanded further into Europe and beyond.

The service, set up in 2014 by ex-McKinsey staff, Christoph Hardt and Jan Schächtele, offers an online platform whereby clients seeking consulting, financial and IT expertise can place projects. The experts accepted into the community have been vetted by the platform, and for the most part have strong backgrounds within tier one firms within their respective industries. For consulting for instance, 40% of the community members have a history with The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company or Roland Berger, while for financial expertise, most have Big Four backgrounds.

The service has taken off, with more than 470 freelancers taking part in the community from around Europe and the rest of the world. Consultants make up 50%, financial experts 20% and industrial experts 30%. Over the past year, a total of €17,000,000 in projects has been posted, with 40 realised.

Comatch projects

The service selects a small number of suitable freelance candidates for a client job – which allows the company to pick based on the tender offers, creates the relevant contract and provides customer support if required. Comatch takes a 15% cut on top of the fee that clients pay to the freelancers.

For community members, benefits include flexibility and being able to pull in double the pay for similar work than from work through an established firm, as well as a wide variety of projects across a wide range of industries and company sizes. For clients seeking consultants, top tier consultants can be found at 70% below offerings available from established firms, with contracts, payments and other considerations already streamlined.