Sia Partners launches a Quantum Computing lab in London

30 March 2021 2 min. read
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Consulting firm Sia Partners has announced the launch of a new offering, which will enable clients to access quantum consultancy services. The new Quantum Hub is based in London, and will help clients craft growth strategies relating to quantum computing products.

A quantum computer is a type of computer that harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to solve problems that were previously believed to be intractable on regular computers. As businesses in the sectors most likely to take advantage of these new capabilities are already strategising how to make the most of the future opportunities, the disruptive new technology is expected to have a global market value of $1 trillion by 2035.

Sia Partners is a management consulting firm which serves clients across a number of the industries which stand to benefit most from quantum computing. The firm works with organisations in banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications and media, energy, resources and utilities, transportation and logistics, industry and retail, government, and technology. As a result, Sia Partners has been working consistently in recent years to boost its quantum computing offering.

Sia Partners launches a Quantum Computing lab in London

Over the last few years, the consultancy has built deep and unique expertise, while mapping and developing relevant use cases and working along with leading technology providers. Sia Partners has now sought to distil this expertise into a single site, with the launch of its new Quantum Lab.

Speaking on the development via his personal LinkedIn, Sia Partners CEO Matthieu Courtecuisse commented, "I am proud to announce the official launch of our Quantum Lab. At Sia Partners, we are convinced that quantum computing will be one of the key breakthrough technologies, to go from 4.0 to X.0.”

Based in London, the Quantum Lab will now work to gather an ecosystem of small and mid-sized enterprises, which will then work to serve all Sia Partners’ offices, and the industrial clients they partner with. Combines with the firm’s capabilities for artificial intelligence and data science, Courtecuisse said that he hopes the news will see Sia Partners “operate at the forefront of this revolution.”

As well as making quantum consultancy services available internal teams, demystifying the new technology and helping develop proof of value and launching ventures powered by quantum technologies, the Quantum Lab will operate on two other fronts. For corporate clients, it will enable the production of quantum products, helping them build differentiated intellectual properties and revenue streams; while quantum technology firms will be able to access quantum consulting services for crafting growth strategies, positioning themselves in a quantum ecosystem, and developing and launching new revenue streams.