Deloitte, Kurt Salmon and IBM lead in supply chain

15 January 2012 1 min. read

Manhattan Associates, a provider of supply chain services, has named Deloitte, IBM and Kurt Salmon "world-class supply chain consulting firms."

The consulting firms join the select group of companies in the Manhattan Partner Performance Club. This organization is exclusively for companies with a proven track record in achieving world-class supply chain optimization results.

Manhattan Associates

Software and IT companies who provide supply chain services also belong to the Manhattan Partner Performance Program. Companies in the club often combine forces to help customers and to present joint proposals.

Deloitte Consulting has a large, international supply chain department within its Strategy & Operations practice. Kurt Salmon, recently emerged with the merger of Kurt Salmon Associates and Ineum Consulting, focuses specifically on operations and supply chain consulting. IBM also has a large, global supply chain branch, with a strong focus on IT consulting and supply chain analytics.

As part of the prize each of the three consulting firms will get two exclusive opportunities to work with the executive management team at Manhattan Associates next year. The aim is to share best practices with each other and celebrate joint successes.