Survey launches on strategic alliances in the consulting sector

10 February 2021 2 min. read

The Consultancy Growth Network, a platform for owners and partners of mid-sized and boutique consulting firms, has launched a survey for their upcoming guide to how consultancies can effectively develop strategic alliances.

Collaboration between consultancies, or with external companies such as technology or specialist providers, is one of today's top trends in the consulting industry. Using alliances, consulting firms can among others achieve more scale, broaden or deepen their offerings, expand geographically, expand client and business development networks, or enhance innovation capabilities.

According to data from, last year saw over 200 strategic alliances or partnerships forged in the global consulting industry, up on the year previous. Specifically in the United Kingdom, The Consultancy Growth Network noted a rise in the value of strategic alliances in the consulting sector. The network’s latest BenchPress report reviewing important trends and performance metrics for privately-held consulting firms identified strategic alliances as the second largest source of new business generation.

Survey launches on strategic alliances in the consulting sector

According to Marc Jantzen, the CEO and Founder of The Consultancy Growth Network, “For many owners of consulting businesses, partnerships can act as a vehicle to share costs during a time of industry pressure and gain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market where both team and client dynamics are being disrupted by the pandemic.”

“A robust and comprehensive referrals and strategic alliances strategy can create a business development engine for sustainable growth in 2021 and beyond.”

To gain insight into how consulting business owners can effectively develop and implement alliances, The Consultancy Growth Network is producing a guide with expert contributions. It will cover the different types of alliances used in the consulting sector, industry trends driving partnerships, as well as expert tips on how to make them work effectively.

Take the survey: Consulting business owners can participate in the survey by following this link. By taking part, participants will receive a free copy of the guide in March.

The focus of the guide is on consulting firms generating between £250k and £20 million in annual revenue.