Cornerstone Research promotes Greg Leonard in London

01 September 2020 2 min. read
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Cornerstone Research has promoted London-based advisor Greg Leonard to senior vice president. 

The company veteran has been with the global economics consulting firm for eighteen years now, and currently serves as head of its European finance practice. Leonard brings two decades of experience in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings to his new role, gained on both sides of the Atlantic. 

He has led numerous regulatory investigations, including on market manipulation. Leonard addresses issues that include allegations of benchmark manipulation, banging the close and other manipulation of settlement indices, misreporting of trade information, front-running client orders, trading to trigger stop-loss orders, spoofing and disruptive trading, wash trading, and inappropriate sharing of proprietary information.

Greg Leonard, Senior Vice President, Cornerstone ResearchIn financial markets, Leonard has led projects to evaluate risk management practices and the valuation of complex portfolios of trade positions. He has assessed Last Look features of FX client trading platforms, as well as FX algorithmic trading. In addition, Dr. Leonard has substantial experience in analyzing the execution, fulfilment, and hedging of client orders, from complex, market-moving transactions to smaller, routine orders. 

His expertise spans a broad range of financial instruments and physical commodities, both on futures exchanges and in over-the-counter markets. In finance, these include fixed income instruments and interest rate products such as LIBOR and other IBOR-linked instruments, FX, and swaps and swaptions. In commodities, he has led matters involving crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, refined petroleum products, electric power, metals, and agricultural products.

In addition, Leonard has consulted on issues involving investment activities across various financial instruments, notably auction rate securities, mutual funds, convertible stock, high-yield bonds, and private equity. He has applied real options valuation techniques to assess long-term structured power contracts, and employed other valuation methods to assess aspects of multiyear liquefied natural gas contracts.

Leonard has been based in London since the summer of 2019, having relocated from Cornerstone Research’s Washington DC office. In the US, Leonard latterly headed the firm’s energy and commodities practice. 

Commenting on the appointment, Rahul Guha, the chief executive officer of Cornerstone Research, said, “Greg has made such a significant, lasting contribution to our firm. We are delighted to recognise his contribution with a well-deserved promotion.”

Earlier this month, Cornerstone Research promoted London-based Can Celiktemur to principal.