CMCE to host online symposium for cyber resilience

15 July 2020 3 min. read
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The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence is set to run a series of evening symposia regarding the consulting industry’s role in building the cyber resilience of modern businesses. Taking place at the end of July, the online showcases are aimed at sharing best practices and cutting-edge thinking to help management consultancies stay ahead of the curve, at a time when cyber security has arguably never been more important.

Having emerged over the past few years as traditional cyber security measures have ceased to protect organisations from the spate of persistent attacks, the concept of cyber resilience is defined as an entity’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. Resilience helps an organisation protect against cyber risks more holistically than the narrower concept of security, helping defend against and limit the severity of attacks, while ultimately ensuring an organisation’s continued survival despite an attack.

With the majority of global business having had to operate remotely throughout the start of 2020, many companies have been especially exposed to hackers – something that has demonstrated the importance of cyber resilience moving forward. In order to help consulting firms assist clients with their resilience, the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence(CMCE) has announced an online symposium of expert presentations, which will take place on July 28th.CMCE to host online symposium for cyber resilienceAs part of the CMCE’s on-going programme of 2020 Showcases series for the consulting industry, the ‘Consulting on Cyber Resilience: Lessons from the FTSE during Covid-19’ event will discuss a range of cyber resilience concerns. These include sessions on how management consultants can be uniquely placed to guide investment in cyber resilience, placing security into the client's business context; as well as where to start when accelerating the cyber resilience pillar of your management consultancy services including cyber-attack considerations – among other topics.

The event will host a duo of expert speakers. Chartered Accountant and Foulkon Director George Quigley will provide expert advisory services for cybersecurity, understanding how cybersecurity threats have affected organisations in the past, how they have evolved with new technologies and appreciate how they will continue to change into the future. Meanwhile, Kevin Duffey, Managing Director of The Cyber Rescue Alliance, will provide insights from his work with the firm – described by a release from the CMCE as the European leader in helping executives to measure, monitor and mitigate harm from cyber-attacks.

As usual with the CMCE’s Showcases series, the presentations will be followed by the opportunity for questions and group discussions, followed by a networking session. The Showcase will be held in a virtual Zoom meeting room.

The objective of London-based CMCE is to promote sharing of academic research and practitioner experience in the management consulting community. To this end, the organisation hosts the annual Consulting Research Awards, aiming to encourage the application of research to consultancy and recognise outstanding research work.