Altran launches TV programme aimed at recruitment

21 March 2013 1 min. read

This year Altran has set the target to hire more than 6,000 new engineers and technical consultants. Of the new recruits, 2,200 will be hired in France and the remainder will join the consulting firm across the globe. To support its ambitious recruitment target, Altran has launched a web-based TV show dedicated to recruitment and career opportunities at the firm. The TV show, called “Career”, will be broadcasted in English on both Altran’s website and on its Facebook page.

The first episode of "Career" will air this Thursday between 13:00 to 14:00 CET.

Altran - TV Show Career

The TV show will consist of four areas:

  •  Altran World News: the latest news and insights in showcase projects
  •  Ask The Boss: live interactive interview of Philippe Salle, CEO of Altran
  •  The Talk: round table dealing with HR managers and consultants of the firm
  •  Socialise: Altran’s social media manager will offer advice and best practices


In a press statement Altran announces that “Career” will be an interactive TV show. During 'Ask the Boss' viewers can ask questions to Philippe Salle, CEO of Altran, and during "The Talk" with a panel of experts Altran. Conversation will be about the ins and outs of the consultancy profession.

Live communication

"We have chosen for a TV show since we firmly believe that nothing can replace the advantages that transparency and live communication can offer.

The presentation of various career experiences and the information shared during these programmes will enhance the appeal for a profession that has changed in many ways” says Julien Esposito, Group Employer Brand Director of Altran.

To support the TV show, Altran has built an inhouse TV studio of 100m² in Paris and hired a dedicated professional production team.