ORTEC Consulting supports Vancouver Whitecaps FC

07 August 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

Vancouver Whitecaps FC has partnered with Ortec Sports to improve the performance and efficiency of the team’s matches and training sessions. The sport analytics arm of Ortec Consulting Group will use a range of information to generate objective insights to aid the team’s management in decision-making.

Ortec Sports is an analytics company that leverages publically available information on sporting events to produce a wide range of metrics for interested parties including coaches, scouts, players and fans. Among others, video data is used to effectively measure teams and players to create objective profiles, with the information used to improve the revenues and effectivity in the sport in question. The company is active in 12 countries and employs more than 150 analysts including mathematicians, sports economists and past (Olympic) sports people. The company is a component of the wider Ortec Consulting Group which was founded in 1981.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC are an in Vancouver, British Columbia, situated Major League Soccer (MLS) team that graduated into the highest tier of the sport in North America in 2010.

ORTEC Consulting supports Vancouver Whitecaps FC

The deal between Ortec Sports and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC will see the Ortec deliver a wide range of analytics to the team and its management. The information will be used to improve the effectiveness of the team’s matches and training sessions. Whitecaps FC’s sister team – Whitecaps FC 2 – in the United Soccer League will also use the analytic approach.

“We are excited to officially partner and strengthen our relationship with Ortec Sports,” comments Daniel Stenz, Head of Analysis and Scouting at Whitecaps FC. “We have been working with Ortec Sports since the start of the season as they continue their growth with their recent expansion into North America football. The statistical data Ortec Sports provides on teams and players has helped to give us objective insights and is a great resource in our decision-making.

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The Vancouver Whitecaps FC are not the first team to use the techniques offered by Ortec Sports, AFC Ajax, Feyenoord Rotterdam, and PSV Eindhoven of the Dutch Eredivisie use the technology, as well as having supplied the performance matrix for Sochi 2014 Olympics together with the University of Groningen.