Applause partners with Infosys for joint digital testing solution

04 March 2020 2 min. read
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Consultancy Infosys has entered into a new strategic partnership with software testing company Applause. The firms will work to offer clients a joint digital testing solution for enterprises.

Software is at the heart of how all brands engage users, and with the growing importance of digital interaction in modern businesses, the digital experiences produced by software must work flawlessly everywhere to obtain and retain customers. Applause is a global software testing firm which specialises in crowd-testing and digital quality control. With highly vetted testers available on demand around the world, the firm provides brands including Ford, Fox, Google and Dow Jones with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities.

In order to improve testing coverage and speed up time-to-market for websites, mobile apps, IoT and in-store experiences, Applause has announced a new partnership with consultancy Infosys. The advisory firm is a leading provider of next-generation digital services, and Applause believes the alliance will help to provide broader end-to-end digital experience testing services to clients, eliminating the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs in the process.

According to a release from the firms, key benefits of the joint solution include: increased speed and scale to test in multiple geographies simultaneously, domain and subject matter experts available on demand, and shorter user experience testing and feedback cycles with actionable results available in real time. The full suite of testing capabilities will ultimately fit easily with agile work processes, allowing users to test more frequently and with better device coverage.

Clients are reportedly leveraging the solution already, with a leading US-based credit card company using it to launch a new card promotion. The promotion was built and hosted by Infosys, and then tested in eight cities by real client customers who were part of a vetted team managed by Applause. Within 10 days, the team identified misclassifications for 15% of the tested transactions and was able to fix the back-end defects before they appeared on cardholder statements.

Commenting on the solution, Mohit Joshi, President of Infosys, said, “The relationship with Applause strengthens our ability to offer clients the highest-quality digital testing services. This will ensure that our clients’ digital experiences are validated by real customers and highly vetted testers before new features are released into the market thereby improving our clients’ customer satisfaction ratings.”