The top 20 retail companies and stores in the UK

21 February 2020 4 min. read
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Retailers who can offer customers service beyond mere functionality have a better chance of weathering the UK’s poor retail climate, according to a new study. Amazon, Aldi and M&S food at the three leading companies when it comes to delivering on this.

The UK retail sector remains on unstable ground in 2020, having seen a rapid and sustained decline over the last decade. A number of retailers continue to outperform the market however, thanks to their ability to provide a differentiated customer experience, appealing products and services and in-demand marketing efforts.

A poll by Savanta has unveiled the UK retailers which most benefit from ‘brand love’, something which the firm contends has a direct correlation between an emotive brand connection and commercial return. According to the research, brand love has a positive impact on customer word-of mouth and commitment, as well as the willingness to pay a price premium, while a loved brand is also more likely to be forgiven in the instance of a poor experience. According to 96,000 customer interviews in 2019, Amazon, Aldi and M&S Food top the list.

The top 20 retail companies and stores in the UK

“All three have built customer relationships which go beyond the functional,” Savanta’s Caroline Hawkins said. “Our data highlights the importance of making a deeper and more personal connection in a climate of fierce competition and abundant choice. The greater the emotive brand connection, the greater the commercial return.”

The full ranking is as follows:

1. Amazon
Retail segment: E-commerce
Founded: 1994

2. Aldi
Retail segment: Grocery

Founded: 1946

3. M&S Food

Retail segment: Grocery
Founded: 2001

4. Apple
Retail segment: Electricals
Founded: 1976

Retail segment: Furniture
Founded: 1943

6. Ebay
Retail segment: E-commerce
Founded: 1995

7. Tesco
Retail segment: Grocery
Founded: 1919

8. M&S
Retail segment: Clothing & Footwear
Founded: 1884

9. Boots
Retail segment: Health & Beauty
Founded: 1849

10. ASDA
Retail segment: Grocery
Founded: 1949

11. Home Bargains
Retail segment: General Merchandiser
Founded: 1976

12. Lidl
Retail segment: Grocery
Founded: 1930

13. John Lewis
Retail segment: Department store
Founded: 1864

14. Argos
Retail segment: Catalogue Retail
Founded: 1972

15. B&M
Retail segment: Value Retail
Founded: 1978

16. Lush
Retail segment: Health & Beauty
Founded: 1995

17. Wilko
Retail segment: Entertainment
Founded: 1958

18. Card Factory
Retail segment: Gift
Founded: 1997

19. Sainsbury’s
Retail segment: Grocery
Founded: 1869

20. Waterstones
Retail segment: Entertainment
Founded: 1958