YSC Consulting partners 10x Psychology for psychometric insight

31 July 2019 Consultancy.uk 4 min. read

YSC Consulting has announced a new partnership with 10x Psychology to use predictive psychometrics technology to assist business leaders with achieving corporate strategies. The range of tailored products is grounded in behavioural sciences, and aims to enhance leadership insight and development for YSC and its extensive client base.

Amid the continuing war for talent
 across developed nations – thanks to record employment, heightened competition from start-ups, and an ageing population – it has arguably never been more important to properly evaluate the fit of a potential employee. In years gone by, it might have been easy to dip back into a broader talent pool to seek new blood if a hire did not work out the first time, but now, this can prove to be a costly error of judgment. That is where predictive psychometrics come into play.

The word psychometric refers to the "measurement" of the mind. Unlike facets such as education, skills, experience, appearance and punctuality, the behavioural traits and personality of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview. Some employers choose to use psychometric testing during their recruitment process to help give a better overall evaluation of a candidate and hopefully secure the best fit for the role.

YSC Consulting partners 10x Psychology for psychometric insight

YSC Consulting is a British-origin boutique consultancy of more than 225 staff, and specialises in leadership consulting, helping organisations identify and develop the leaders they need to achieve their business strategies. YSC works across a wide range of industries and sectors, including financial technology, biotech, private equity, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail, energy and media. As clients across this gamut are increasingly requiring help with their HR strategy, the firm has forged a partnership to enhance its behavioural sciences offering to that end.

By collaborating with predictive psychometrics provider 10x Psychology, YSC is now looking to enable organisations to better identify future leaders. The alliance will see YSC’s JDI (Judgment, Drive, Influence) Model of PotentialTM digitally re-imagined. As a result, organisations will be able to evaluate the potential of their employees through the lens of JDI, providing both real-time insight into their talent populations together with tailored development interventions and fast-paced feedback loops.

Future leaders

Rob Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, YSC, said of the news, “One of YSC’s goals has always been to help organisations build leadership teams that will help them achieve their future business strategies… 10x Psychology’s best-in-class technology will allow our team to gather these insights more accurately and swiftly, and help us advise our clients more effectively. It’s a natural next-step for us to enhance the value-proposition we’ve had since day one, and it’s an exciting partnership for YSC, 10x Psychology and our clients.”

10x Psychology provides advanced psychometrics science, predictive analytics and machine learning to help businesses attract, retain and develop employees. It works to blend advanced psychometric science with the power of data analytics and machine learning to help businesses attract, retain, develop and progress the best employees. Its wide-reaching psychometric solutions go beyond traditional metrics, placing it well to assist YSC in the development of a joint roadmap to drive increased scale, pace and accuracy of YSC’s HR services.

The fruits of the partnership will ultimately benefit YSC’s global client base; the consultancy has 19 locations around the world. Working together, YSC and 10x Psychology will be able to provide clients with consistent models, inputs and data analytics, enabling them to make quick, informed talent decisions across their entire organisation.

Nick Shaw, CEO at 10x Psychology, added, “Through our partnership with YSC, we will be able to enhance the identification of leadership potential within a business, as well as complement YSC’s face-to-face assessment with our own scalable assessment solution. This will allow our joint clients to identify potential and predict performance at all levels of their organisations. This is the start of a long relationship with a highly trusted and renowned organisation and we look forward to enabling YSC to develop its world-class leadership offering still further in the years ahead.”