New consultancy SNE Business Solutions launches in Nottingham

17 June 2019 2 min. read
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A machinery and automotive sales negotiation expert has launched a new consultancy in Nottingham. Steve Edwards will head up the management consulting firm which will specialise in up-selling and operational management.

Following 25 years of working for machinery producers such as construction equipment giant JCB, Volvo and Finning, the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, Steve Edwards has decided the time is right to enter the consulting market. His new firm, SNE Business Solutions, will offer a bespoke range of solutions for businesses in the sector Edwards spent the last quarter of a century specialising in.

According to the firm’s website, at launch SNE has a team with a “breadth of experience in aftersales growth, customer relationship management, service operations, and business planning”. It will now look to partner with clients while adding value to their organisations. Services offered include aftermarket business development, company strategies, business plans, human resource packs and efficiency and change management, among others.

Steve Edwards - founder of SNE Business Solutions

At the same time, SNE will ultimately specialise in up-selling, coaching, operational and social media management from its Nottingham headquarters. According to, it is already partnering with a local charity as it seeks to help bring businesses and charitable causes closer together.

Commenting on the firm’s launch, Steve Edwards said, “There is so much that smaller firms can learn from the multinationals and I want to help owner-managed businesses gain access to some of the thinking and practical solutions behind their approaches... Of course, it isn’t all about systems; company culture plays a huge part in attracting and retaining high calibre individuals who can then provide exceptional service and we will be working with all of our clients on identifying and harnessing that within their teams.”

Consulting in Nottinghamshire

A number of consultancies have been looking to expand in the broader Nottinghamshire area. Local firm Focus, engineering consultancy Howard Ward Associates and fellow engineering firm Travis Baker all increased their Nottingham spaces in 2018. This is partially due to the city’s potential as a business hub, with Nottingham recently being found to be one of the best places to launch an online business.