GFT partners with Code to Work to bridge IT skills gap

23 June 2015 3 min. read

Business and technology consulting firm GFT has partnered up with Code to Work, a non-profit company that aims at closing the IT skills gap, to address the growing demand for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) demand in the banking industry in the US by setting up a training programme, with candidates mentored by GFT employees.

Code to Work
Code to Work is a US-based not-for-profit employer-led initiative that focuses on “closing the IT skills gap by sourcing and prequalifying diverse technical talent from non-traditional sources for large companies.” As financial services and technology firms have for many years hired employees from the same top-ranked colleges and universities, a broader source of talent might be overlooked. The company uses a skills-based approach to identify, train and hire talent. In addition, Code to Work aims at raising the standards on skills development by partnering with employers and universities.

In line with its ambition to help close the IT skills gap in the US and address the growing national demand for STEM talent, consulting firm GFT decided to partner with Code to Work. Under the partnership, Code to Work will work to identify a firm’s hiring needs, after which it will assess and test potential candidates on their technical and verbal skills, as well as their strategic thinking. Qualified students will subsequently be placed into a training programme and mentored by GFT employees. The candidates will not only learn technical and analytical skills required within financial services industries, but will also receive real-world tips and insights and learn about interviewing, networking skills, and corporate culture.

GFT partners with Code to Work

Commenting on the partnership, Sonia Whang, Head of Business Development - Capital Markets for GFT US, says: “There is an alternative system to finding and hiring top IT talent. By casting a wide net to ‘non-traditional’ sources of talent, the diversity of the pool increases to include more candidates from underrepresented groups in IT. Together with Code to Work, we can strengthen our ties with the local community and share information around the talent requirements of larger employers. Our ability to bridge hiring information between companies and local universities can provide employers access to un-tapped talent, and provide universities necessary insight to tailor curriculums that better train students for jobs and skills that are in high demand.”

Barbara Chang, Founder & CEO, Code to Work, adds: “GFT is helping us shine a spotlight on the talent pipeline by creating more opportunities for younger generations of diversified backgrounds to enter into the world of finance and technology. We are proud to partner with GFT in making this a positive change and standard in the industry.”

Bridging the IT skills gap
GFT is not the only consulting firm agreeing to partnerships in an effort to bridge the IT skills gap in the tech sector. Accenture has partnered up with Girls Who Code and is a supporter of the Girl Geeks Campus, while Mace signed up as a corporate member of the WISE Campaign.