Consultancy Accenture supports Girl Geeks Campus

11 March 2015 2 min. read

Accenture has announced it is supporting the Girl Geeks Campus set up by Girl Geeks - a community that stimulates women to pursue a carrer in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Campus is launched across Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and will provide female STEM students with advice, mentoring and network opportunities.

Girl Geeks is a professional community which aims to support and develop the talents of females in STEM from education to career. The community has been set up in 2009 to address the under-representation of women in STEM industries. To do so, the Girl Geeks organises different STEM related campaigns and events, of which Girl Geeks Campus is one of its latest programmes. 

About Girl Geeks

Girl Geeks Campus
The Girl Geeks Campus was launched in early 2015 across Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and will provide female STEM students with opportunities to discover career paths and develop employability skills. The Campus will educate the STEM students about their career opportunities, employers looking to hire female STEM talent, and illustrate career paths.

In line with its commitment to women and narrowing the gap between men and women in the workplace*, professional services firm Accenture has decided to team up with Girl Geeks and support its Campus. As part of the partnership, the consulting firm will provide mentoring and career guidance to participating STEM students, as well as opportunities to develop professional skills and network with industry role models.

“This is a vital initiative to encourage more women to pursue STEM careers, both in the North East and across the UK. Businesses – particularly those like Accenture, where we recruit STEM graduates – need to collaborate with the education sector to engage more females who are about to embark on their career paths,” comments Bob Paton, Managing director at Accenture’s Newcastle Delivery Centre.

GirlGeeks and Accenture

Girl Geeks Director Mia Chapman adds: “I am incredibly proud to be working with Accenture, Newcastle University and Northumbria University to have the opportunity to prove the Girl Geeks Campus concept in supporting students and am looking forward to the positive impact it will bring to the talent pipeline.”

* The firm is supporting several women’s programs and initiatives, including mentoring, networking, training and development courses to help attract, retain and advance women. An example of such another effort is its partnership with Girls Who Code, aimed at assisting young women to secure a career in technology, another example is the firm’s sponsoring of the #NEDigitalGirls event organised by STEMettes and Accenture in January of this year.