Grant Thornton: Key reasons for outsourcing processes

23 June 2014 1 min. read

According to a new research from Grant Thornton 40% of the companies globally are in the coming period contemplating to outsource one or more businesses processes. Key drivers for outsourcing are boosting efficiency and realizing a cost reduction.

The international accounting and consulting asked 3.300 managers in 45 countries to provide insight in their view on outsourcing. One of the themes looked at the main drivers for firms to embark on an outsourcing transition. Globally, businesses which outsource are principally looking for efficiencies (57%) and to reduce costs (55%). Notable though is that business leaders in high-cost labour countries, such as North America and Europe, are more likely to cite these drivers. In North America, 70% cite reducing cost and 69% improving efficiencies; in Europe the proportions are 63% and 67% respectively.

Drivers to Outsource Business Processes

Other key factors mentioned include ensuring business continuity and enabling better access to expertise.

Company size

The consultants in addition looked at differences between outsourcing drivers for smaller and larger businesses. Larger businesses are more focused on reducing cost and improving efficiencies (both 58%) while smaller businesses are more likely to be looking to use outsourcing providers to ensure business continuity (48%), free up staff to focus on core strategy (44%) and reduce headcount (37%).