Gate One adds James Brewin to consulting team by way of EY

30 August 2017 2 min. read
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London based consultancy Gate One has bolstered its team with James Brewin, who joined as a Consultant from EY.

Late in 2016, Gate One hired Don Shields to grow its digital transformation offering, and as the young firm (founded in 2013*) continues its efforts to grow its profile and meet the needs of a larger base of clients, a new Consultant has joined the team. James Brewin, formerly of Big Four firm EY, arrived at Gate One as of July 2017. He will work from the company’s London office, helping to shape intelligent solutions and deliver lasting transformation results to organisations across the UK.

Gate One, based at London’s South Bank, is a management consulting firm specialising in business transformation services. The consultancy works for clients across a range of sectors, including financial services, travel, consumer goods, energy and government.

James Brewin - gate one

Brewin, who studied in French at the Sciences-Po Paris University for a year on the way to obtaining a BA in Economics and French from Cardiff University, became an on-campus representative of professional services giant EY during his studies. Having spent around a year in that capacity with the Big Four, Brewin joined the firm full time as a graduate, working his way up to the rank of Senior Consultant by the end of his three year stint there. Relocating to London for his work, he participated in a number of high profile projects, including working with the Department of Health Procurement Transformation Programme on the redesign of the NHS Supply Chain in order to deliver improved quality and value for clinicians, patients and tax-payers – a project for which he was the Project and Transition Manager.

According to Brewin’s LinkedIn, he has settled quickly with the firm, stating, “Just five days in at Gate One and the firm has supported me to enrol in the Google Squared Online course through the Google Digital Academy. What a start! I think I'm going to like it here.”

With fluency in both French and Spanish in his skillset, Brewin may also prove of importance in the midst of an uncertain Brexit environment, as Gate One look to be beneficiaries of the disruption that the transition to post-EU life may present domestic and overseas clients, rather than victims. A huge number of financial sector and professional service jobs are currently projected to participate in a mass “Brexodus,” as Britain’s negotiations with the EU continue to falter. Consultants with an ability to reach out to the continental market may well improve increasingly important for fledgling consultancies like Gate One to weather the coming storm, and out-manoeuvre larger market competitors.

* Gate One as founded in 2013 by Simon Dennis, Tim Phillips, David Holliday and Alex McEvoy. Three years after its inception Gate One reached the milestone of fifty colleagues  – on the back of its growth the firm was named one of UK's top 100 start-ups by for multiple years, ranking 15th most recently.