BCG launches Operations Innovation Center to showcase Industry 4.0

08 November 2016 2 min. read

BCG has launched an Innovation Center for Operations to showcase Industry 4.0 technology. The new centre, which is located in Paris, offers visitors a range of customised services to provide insight into the potential of new technologies transforming the manufacturing process.

The development of Industry 4.0, through which vertical and horizontal value chains are integrated through smart technology, and whereby automation and human labour interact seamlessly, is seeing considerable investment, both regionally and globally. According to recent research, Industry 4.0 investments in Europe will reach around €140 billion per year until 2020, while globally total investments in major economies over a five year period to 2020 is projected to hit $4.5 trillion

Consultancy firms have over the past months been launching a number of initiatives to support clients seeking to undergo transformation to Industry 4.0. The latest firm to delve into the realm is The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which recently launched an offering in the space with the development of an Innovation Center for Operations (ICO). The new hub, says BCG, will provide clients with "an immersive experience" in a model factory featuring a range of Industry 4.0 technologies. The ICO is operated by a dedicated team from the consulting firm, as well as being supported by a wider support ecosystem from academic and technological partners. The new centre is located in Paris.

Visitors to the ICO are offered a range of customised services by the firm, including capability-building sessions, conversations with Industry 4.0 experts, and hands-on testing of use-cases – in addition, visitors will be able to experiment with a range of new technologies, from robotics and data analytics, to 3D printing, augmented reality and the Industrial Internet of Things.

BCG’s Global Leader for Operations, Christian Greiser, remarks, “This is a significant milestone for us as it reinforces our commitment to innovation, Industry 4.0, and the use of advanced technologies in operations.”

Earlier this year BCG's French arm agreed an alliance with Hello Tomorrow, a Paris-based technology startup incubator.