Atos and CyberArk join forces to provide cyber security services

23 November 2016 3 min. read
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Atos and CyberArk have joined forces to provide a range of security options as-a-service to global clients. The deal aims to improve the security of privileged account credentials for client organisations in an ‘as-a-service’ offering. Swiping or hacking privileged account credentials remains a key way in which hackers are able to take advantage of a whole computer network.

Cybercrime, on the back of increased digitalisation, is increasingly blighting companies across the globe. Cybercrime incidents hit 500,000 per day last year, resulting in roughly $400 billion in economic damages. While increased attention is being placed on the phenomenon across the board, a number of organisations are working on developing solutions to specific forms of cybercrime.

One way through which cyber adversaries are able to commit crimes is by penetrating a secured network by which they gain access to privileged account credentials. Once the hacker has exploited a system weakness, or swiped credentials from a top-level employee, the system is their playground, allowing them to access privileged information, steal intellectual property or transfer funds.

Atos and CyberArk join forces to provide privileged account protection as a service

In a bid to develop a solution to protect the heart of organisations from being penetrated by cybercriminals, CyberArk was formed. The company leverages a host of security programmes that protects privileged account credentials, thereby halting adversaries at the gate. The organisation works with almost half of Fortune 100 companies, and a fifth of Fortune 2000 companies. The firm, which opened its doors in 1999, has offices in the US, Israel, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and the UK.

Atos and CyberArk join forces

Atos, as part of its wider move to support its clients in the cyber security space, has entered into a partnership with CyberArk. The partners aim to provide clients with an “end-to-end service that secures privileged accounts”, at both a users’ level, as well as for applications on-premises or in virtual or cloud environments. Atos is providing the service to clients as a managed service, while CyberArk offers its range of services in a modular format, scalable in line with the needs of clients.

Chris Moret, Vice President of Cyber Security at Atos, says, “The business need for Privileged Access Management has never been clearer and Atos is very excited to launch this new offering in partnership with CyberArk. Privileged account exploitation is one of the most widely used, damaging attack vectors. Effective mitigation strategies require a complete solution to protect against increasingly complex, privilege-related security threats. Atos feels it is essential we simplify as much as possible the risk management process for our clients so that they can concentrate on their core business.”

Adam Bosnian, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at CyberArk, remarks, “It is critical that organisations take a proactive, layered approach to protecting their most valuable assets – making privileged account security the first thing organisations should focus on when prioritising their risk management strategies. Organisations taking advantage of this new service will benefit from Atos’ global reach and security expertise, as well as their understanding of privileged account-related risks to deliver crucial protection against evolving threats.”

Atos has of late been quite busy ramping up its cyber security offerings. Earlier this month the French IT giant partnerred with Siemens to bolster its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) proposition, while in October it struck a partnership with Marsh.