Atos and Siemens join forces to rebuke IIoT cyber criminals

02 November 2016 3 min. read

Cyber attacks result in considerable damage to companies across the globe. The roll out of the Industrial Internet of Things is expected to see additional avenues for attack opening up, resulting in the potential for more losses and making defence more difficult. In a bid to assess the potential threat, and to provide security solutions for manufacturers, Atos and Siemens have joined forces.

Cyber security has become an increasingly pressing issue for companies globally. Phishing attacks, ransomware and a variety of other techniques allow hackers to gain access to, among others, privileged information, intellectual property and bank account details. Penetrations can be costly, both in terms of direct damages, such as loss of funds, as well as indirect damages, such as downtime after a factory closure due to, for instance, ransomware.

Increased digitalisation, particularly within ‘Industry 4.0’ and the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ also create additional avenues for attackers to penetrate systems. Recent studies found that IoT could add $14.2 trillion to the GDP of 20 major economies by 2030, and that Industry 4.0 is set to receive almost $4.5 trillion in funding over the coming five years.

While companies are investing in rudimentary defence systems, the increased sophistication as well as the ‘cost post’ undervaluing of cyber security professionals means that risks remain relatively high.

Atos and Siemens join forces to rebuke IIoT cyber criminals

In a bid to develop a broad spectrum solution for users of the Industrial Internet of Things, Siemens and Atos have joined forces. The partners plan to offer a four step procedure for shoring up cyber defences at clients’ networks, from assessing the current situation to providing a range of services, including firewalls or more in-depth monitoring of systems.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both organisations to provide a variety of solutions, as needed, to clients.  In addition, the partners “will support industrial companies with their certification in the certify security phase.”

Peter Weckesser, COO of the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Business Unit, explains, "Siemens offers a comprehensive range of solutions, products and services for industrial security. Our cooperation with Atos now enables us to support our customers from the automation to the office level, and to reduce security risks. This gives us an important foundation for the digitisation of industry." 

Atos' COO Big Data & Security, Pierre Barnabé, adds, "The digital transformation requires holistic security concepts. Siemens and Atos invest and complement each other optimally because of their respective competence in production IT and office IT."

Consulting expansion

The development of cyber security options for the IIoT reflects wider consultancy firm expansion into the space. PwC, EY and BearingPoint have all partnered with GE Digital to support manufacturers with the development of IIoT.