Ayming merges UK hubs and moves into new office at More London

14 October 2016 Consultancy.uk 4 min. read
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Business consultancy Ayming has merged its existing UK offices and simultaneously moved into a new, and larger premise, based at More London, a landmark development near Tower Bridge. With the move, Martin Hook, Ayming’s UK Managing Director, says the firm will be able to bolster collaboration between its practices and accommodate for the growing demand for its services.

Founded last year, by the merger between Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, Ayming is one of Europe’s larger business consultancy groups. The French-origin firm has a headcount of 1,500 staff, across offices in 14 countries*, generating a turnover of €173 million.

Ayming’s UK operation – after France one of the firm’s larger hubs (~60 professionals) – up to recently operated with two London bases: in Blackfriars and Hammersmith. The relocation to the new office, at 4 More London Riverside (close to London Bridge), marks a milestone for the firm in its 30 year history – “for the first time we will consolidate all our UK business lines in one location”, explains Martin Hook, who has been leading the British organisation since early 2013, having joined Ayming in November 2011. The consulting firm formally moved into the new office on Monday the 10th October.New-office-of-Ayming-UKHook highlights that the new working space better positions the consultancy to continue its, well above market average, growth momentum. “Since the merger, and our subsequent global rebrand to Ayming earlier this year, we have experienced an exciting period of growth and development, along with significant demand for our services.” While growth has been visible across the firm’s service portfolio – Ayming UK provides innovation, tax and procurement, supply chain, working capital and operational efficiency services, among others – it is in particular its R&D tax and grants incentives practice that has been stealing the show. Over the last four years the unit has booked stellar growth of more than 800%, with last year £100+ million of R&D tax benefits claimed for its UK-based clients. 

“This new London office is the final step in bringing all of our business lines together and will enable continued growth.” Growth will also be chased after through the introduction of additional business lines, with procurement consultancy, tax and R&D earmarked as the main areas which will see the launch of new offerings.

Looking ahead, the Managing Director, who previously served the likes of Achilles Group, Dell and IBM, says he is confident the firm has the capacities and footprint needed to maintain its upwards trajectory, despite growing concerns about Brexit paralysing strategic decision-making and its gloomy effect on business confidence across some sectors. “We’ve been delighted to see that, despite the Brexit vote earlier this year, our UK business has continued to thrive. I am confident that our focus on helping businesses to improve their financial and operational performance means that, even during periods of potential economic uncertainty, there will always be a high demand for our services.” 

Last month Strategic Management Institute, an Australian consultancy and training firm, entered the UK market with the opening of an office in London, while PA Consulting Group will soon move into a new office in London West End – the hub will serve as its new global headquarters.

* Ayming’s offices are located in Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.