Strategic Management Institute opens an office in London

29 August 2016 1 min. read

The Strategic Management Institute, an Australia-based consultancy and training organisation, has opened an office in London to support its European expansion plans.

Founded in Australia in 2005, the Strategic Management Institute (SMI) specialises in strategic management. The advisory, learning and networking organisation offers business leaders the opportunity to develop new skills in strategy, to take their organisations to the next level in the face of rapidly-changing internal and external environments.

From its Australian base, SMI has, in recent years, expanded its offerings to include strategy profiling, coaching, education and consulting and more recently, the Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP) accreditation programme. “SMI operates beyond the mindset of static planning, by embracing greater thinking and a systems perspective of continual strategy renewal. Through our Strategic Management Framework we deliver the tools required for managers to strategise effectively within environments of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity”, explains SMI Managing Director Paul Hunter.

Strategic Management Institute opens office in London

Increasing demand for its services and courses from European managers has triggered the firm to open a European base in London. The new hub will be led by Hunter, who has relocated from Melbourne to London to lead the operation. “Our London launch of SMI offers an opportunity for British management and graduates to take their knowledge of strategy to the next level.”