Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasai rebrand as Ayming

23 February 2016 3 min. read
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Consulting firms Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï have, following the completion of their integration roadmaps, rebranded as Ayming. With approximately 1,500 professionals in 14 countries across Europe and North America, Ayming is one of the globe’s larger management and operational consultancies.

On 9 January 2015 Alma Consulting Group, a French-origin consulting firm founded in 1986, and Lowendalmasaï, a Paris-based counterpart established in 1992, unveiled their plans to merge. At the time of the merger, Alma Consulting Group had around 1,300 advisors in 9 countries, while the smaller Lowendalmasaï employed a team of 360 staff in 9 countries. The merger was in terms of regional presence complementary, the majority of office footprints overlapped, with locations in Japan and China the exceptions. Despite the differences in company size, the CEOs of both firms – Hervé Amar and Pierre Lasry – stressed that the deal was considered a ‘merger of equals’ across the ranks of both firms.

Rebranding of ayming

Over the past 12 months Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï have from their headquarters in France rolled out their integration roadmaps, and now that the post-merger integration plans have been brought to a close, the two businesses have decided to further tie their relationships through the fusion into a single international consulting Group: Ayming.

Hervé Amar, President of Ayming, says that the staff of the newly formed consultancy are “proud to become Ayming”, adding that the name reflects the firm’s “business performance frame of mind”. He explains: “This Ayming name conveys our DNA – knowing how to develop the overall performance of companies by putting everything in place to deliver concrete, measurable results for the long term. This is our unique way of practising our business.”

Globally Ayming specialises in the improvement of businesses’ performance, both from a financial and operational standpoint. Key service areas include Human Resources, Risk Management, Outsourcing, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Innovation, with services spanning a wide range of sectors and industry segments. Service portfolios of local Ayming hubs however tend to have specific flavours – the UK office (one of the larger within the group) for instance has a strong heritage in innovation, R&D services and procurement optimisation. To date the UK consultancy, which has two offices in London, has claimed over £100 million of R&D tax credits for its UK clients – a milestone reached in October last year.

Ayming - 30 years of succes

Martin Hook, Managing Director of Ayming UK, says that the global rebranding marks “an important milestone” in the firm’s 30 year history, adding “Whilst our name has changed, our values remain very much the same; our UK team is still dedicated to improving our clients’ financial and operational performance, drawing on our particular areas of specialist expertise.” Commenting on the outlook for 2016, Hook says he aims at building on a strong 2015, adding “we look forward to another exceptional year.”