Former Jane Lewis executive launches consultancy firm for SMEs

26 May 2016 1 min. read
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Former Jane Lewis Managing Director, Nick Hodson, has launched his own boutique management consultancy aimed at the SME market. Leveraging his more than 26 years of experience, including that of building an £8 million revenue healthcare company, the new consultancy seeks to help entrepreneurs navigate through the challenging waters small companies find themselves in.

Nick Hodson was most recently the Managing Director at Jane Lewis, a healthcare recruitment company which he help found in 1987, and which now operates across the North West of England and North Wales. He has, however, recently stood down from the company to start his own consulting business, Nick Hodson Consulting.

The new business is aimed at the SME market, and leverages Hodson’s more than 26 years of experience of running a small business, into what has become an £8 million revenue healthcare company. Hodson remarks that Jane Lewis has been left in the capable hands of his daughter, allowing him to support the largest tax and wealth generator in the UK economy: SMEs.

Nick Hodson

The new business supports clients across a range of functional areas with ‘hands on’ business advice, including strategy for small businesses, business development, goal and target setting, marketing strategy, setting business KPIs, and operational excellence. In addition, Hodson offers support for businesses as a non-executive director and as an interim manager, in time of unexpected need.

Remarking on his transition to consulting for the SME market, as his daughter takes the helm of Jane Lewis, Hodson says that he has no desire to retire, doesn’t own a set of golf clubs and gets bored on a beach. Hodson adds: “I took a long hard look at what would've helped me during the early years of my own business career and realised there were many times when it would have been invaluable to have an older, more experienced person to bounce ideas off and help me to strategise.”