Eden McCallum founded by ex-McKinsey consultants

16 September 2000 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Former McKinsey & Company consultants Liann Eden and Dena McCallum founded a new advisory firm called Eden McCallum. The office is based in London and will deliver consulting and management services to customers in Europe.  Eden McCallum’s business model is different from those of other consultancy offices.  This consultancy firm works together with experienced and freelance consultants.

Liann Eden worked for McKinsey between 1995 and 1999 and Dena McCallum worked there in the period between 1992 and 1998.

Two women decided to found their own advisory firm when they were both pregnant of their second child. They had excellent careers at McKinsey & Company and international organizations (Unilever and Conde Nast), but they wanted to balance out their work and private life by travelling less and spending more time with family. Co-founder Liann Eden said the following about this: “A lot of strategy consultants are re-evaluating what they really want with their jobs. Mainly flexibility and having control over your own career is getting more important to consultants.”

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Top class quality at a lower price

The foremost important selling strategy Eden McCallum applies is their price-quality ratio. A majority of advisors that joined Eden McCallum has a background at one of the Big three strategic advisory firms (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain). “We delivered top class quality, but at way lower costs because we have little overhead”, according to Liann Eden.

Work-private balance

A small team of permanent in-house consultants will manage relationships with customers. The project deliverance will be managed by independent consultants from the firm’s database. Despite all the traditional challenges of strict deadlines and customers’ high expectations, founders emphasize that the work-private balance will remain the heart of the organization’s culture. “Yes indeed our advisors can take a day off to witness a school play, but at the same time they will make sure work projects are finished on time. We have faith in our people and we give them the flexibility to fulfill both their work and private needs. We know they will put all necessary hours in their work to make sure they will not disappoint their customers”, Dena McCallum added.