Capco employees break world record balloon bursting

21 November 2014
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On 14 November, consulting firm Capco has accomplished something remarkable. During its Regional Employee Forum in Berlin the 850 employees have broken the Guinness world record in balloon popping by breath.

Last week, on Friday November 14, the employees of the Global financial services consulting firm Capco came together to do something out of the ordinary: they attempted to break the Guinness world record for the largest number of balloons burst in a minute - by breath alone.

Capco breaks world record balloon bursting

For the attempt that took place at Tempelhof Airport during Capco’s Regional Employee Forum in Berlin, 850 Capco employees from Europe and South Africa were present. Each of them had four balloons available for the attempt. The firm had to beat the previous record of 152 balloons, a record they not only beat but crushed with a total of 564 balloons in one minute popped.