New Hay Group app helps development social skills

14 November 2014 2 min. read

Global consultancy firm Hay Group has launched an app recentyl that helps graduates develop their emotional & social skills. With the app – dubbed Journey – employees can according to the HR consulting firm become more effective in the workplace.

In the ever changing and competitive professional landscape it is important for employees to keep progressing skills. Especially emotional and social skills are more and more important for professionals to set them apart from their competitors. To develop and deepen these skills is especially important for graduates as they start their career, explains Philip Spriet, Global Managing Director Productised Services at Hay Group: “Research shows that emotional and social skills are critical to high performance in the workplace.”

As business leaders often complain that the graduates do not possess these needed skills, consulting firm Hay Group has developed a new mobile app that will help graduates discover and develop these emotional and social skills, called ‘Journey’. “We often hear business leaders complain that today’s graduates are not leaving university equipped with these essential skills,” says Spriet. “Journey was developed in response to this challenge and is aimed squarely at business leaders who believe that an emotionally and socially intelligent workforce will reap success for their organisation.”

Philip Spriet - Hay Group

Hay Group’s new app is part of Hay Group Activate, which is a suite of business apps that empower managers to improve their own performance and that of their teams. The app provides a gamified framework that takes graduates on a ‘journey of self-discovery’ during which they learn self-discipline and self-management, empathy and communication, working well with others, effective response to feedback, active listening, and the ability to deal with stress, to help them become more effective in the workplace. The program will present the user with a series of practical work-related exercises and assignments designed to build five core competencies that drive outstanding performance: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, teamwork and influencing skills. “The beauty of Journey is that it engages young users in the digital space, but encourages them to put into practice in the real world what they are learning, as they are learning it. It prompts continuous reflection along with the practice, making for a far more compelling and effective learning experience,” concludes Spriet.

The duration of the entire experience is around four to six months and mangers can monitor the progress of their employees and provide advice and support.