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Projective’s founders Stefan Dierckx and Filip Bosschaert were determined not to set up a classic hierarchical company structure. Each employee is free to contribute to different projects and share their experiences and insights. If they are interested they may also contribute to the development of Projective by also engaging in areas such as marketing, HR, finance or IT support. This leads to a continuously stimulated and motivated team that contributes and/or leads to the success of the company.

Every new employee is aloud to participate to an optional coaching program. This program entails that a senior meets a junior in their capacity as coach to draw up a training and development plan for the coming year. The coaching pair decide for themselves how often they see each other.

Projective’s open structure allows a lot of possibilities for personal or professional growth. There are two training programs available: content training (such as Agile scrum, payments, legislation and regulations, theories about project management) and competence trainings.

The difference between being a good and an excellent project manager is in their opinion experience and that is why they believe this is of great value when hiring. They are frequently looking for new project managers with previous experience in the financial sector who can work independently but also in team. If you are interested, you can apply on the website, LinkedIn or send your cv to our team.

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