Metyis is a global, forward-thinking firm that develops and delivers AI & Data, Digital Commerce, Marketing & Design solutions, and provides Advisory services. Operating across a wide range of industries with a special focus on fashion, apparel, retail, and FMCG, Metyis offers cutting-edge strategies and end-to-end solutions.

What sets Metyis apart is a distinctive long-term partnership model that goes beyond typical consulting by effectively combining disciplines to maximise impact for clients. Thanks to this embedded partnership approach, Metyis is able to address the ever-changing digital landscape and meet their clients' needs. This ability to quickly adapt and blend into clients' businesses is how Metyis has become a true Partner for Impact.

Metyis’ suite of services and solutions is structured around four key areas: AI & Data Solutions that empower businesses with Generative AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics; Digital Commerce Solutions that build sustained eCommerce capabilities, unique customer experiences, and long-term growth; Marketing & Design Solutions that boost market presence, conversion rates, and content strategies across channels; and Advisory Services with hands-on strategies that help navigate the business landscape, optimise operations, and achieve performance goals.

With a talent pool of over 1000 employees representing over 50 nationalities across 15 office locations worldwide, Metyis has grown significantly in recent years, expanding their global footprint while staying true to their mission of being Partners for Impact for their clients, people, and society at large.

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