Deloitte and Circulor announce supply chain visibility alliance

13 March 2023 2 min. read

Supply chain traceability solution Circulor has selected professional services giant Deloitte for a new partnership. The alliance will aim to helping more organisations implement Circulor’s offering.

With companies facing unprecedented challenges in balancing changing consumer demands and regulations, supply chain transparency is increasingly important for businesses. Transparency along the supply chain can help firms maintain compliance when it comes to environmental targets around emissions, quality control audits, or even modern slavery laws – avoiding major fines and reputational damage in the process.

As the traceability necessary to demonstrate that products are sourced responsibly and sustainably continues to grow in demand, the Circulor platform allows the tracing of raw materials as they change state through their entire life cycle from cradle to cradle. Circulor also calculates inherited scope 3 emissions from granular primary data collected along the entire value chain.

The London-based company was founded in 2017 in the UK, with offices in the US, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia. As it looks to scale its operations, and help more clients around the world monitor the human and environmental impacts of their production lines, Circulor has entered into a new alliance with Deloitte.

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of Circulor, commented, “Businesses that tap the combined strengths of Circulor and Deloitte will be able to accelerate and scale their efforts in responsible and sustainable sourcing and also develop the data backbone necessary to unlock circular economy business models.”  

The Big Four firm’s expertise will help Circulor to support organisations in implementing its solution. The partnership will enable clients to accelerate progress toward their ESG and circularity goals, while mitigating inherited risks and creating new business opportunities.

David Rakowski, Partner at Deloitte, added, “Combining Circulor’s innovative solution with Deloitte’s leading technology implementation and transformation capabilities will help them to overcome these challenges. We want to allow organisations to address their supply chain challenges and create business opportunities by understanding more about the life cycle of products.”

Research suggests that 25% of global trade is set to relocate in the next three years. The geographical distribution of supplier bases is set to transition from majority global to local by 2026 – reversing a 57:43 split. However, a recent study from Capgemini found that one-fifth of firms are presently ill-equipped to handle supply chain disruption, with monitoring being one key proficiency that is currently underdeveloped at many companies.