Hay Group moves into new office in Amsterdam

30 October 2014 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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The Dutch country organisation of Hay Group is later this week moving its office from Zeist to Amsterdam, the country's capital city. The new 1,700 m2 office of the global management consultancy is, under the motto ‘practice what you preach’, completely designed and furnished according to the principles of flexible working. 

Like so many organisations, consulting firm Hay Group has adopted the 'New Way of Working' as part of its corporate culture. The trend, which has rapidly gained popularity over the past years, is based on the need for more flexibility for workers and more cost effective use of office space. 

Hay Group office in Amsterdam

Under the motto ‘practice what you preach’ – Hay Group is among others specialised in HR consulting issues – the Dutch count organisation of the firm had decided to move from its current office in Zeist to a new location in the city centre of Amsterdam. The new office, located at the Piet Heinkade (close to the Central Station), will be completely designed according the New Way of Working principles, explains Hidde Te Loo, Facilities Manager at Hay Group: “After an inventory into the demands per employee, we implemented a standard for all employees. There will be a chair for all employees, but we expect an occupancy rate of 50%; employees will also work at clients’ offices and from home.”

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In addition the new office will be furnished in line with the modern needs of its 150 employees, containing among others silent areas, phone booths, and spaces reserved for meetings with clients. Flexibility is the common denominator, highlights Te Loo. “From consultants to staff, nobody will have their own work space at the new office.” The work spaces are designed to respond to every occasion. For instance, the ‘living room’ can be transformed to a meeting room, with opposing couches to reduce the sound volume. Te Loo: “We offer our employees an optimal work environment. The building itself is also sustainable with light sensors, LED-technology, and heat and cold storage. Coupled with its energy A-label, the new office will last for years.”