Altran launches VueForge, Big Data service offering

23 October 2014 2 min. read
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Consulting and engineering firm Altran has launched a new offering that helps organisations reap the benefits of machine-generated Big Data. The solution, known as VueForge, was showcased for the very first time in the UK on Tuesday at the company’s ‘Innovation Symposium’ held at Lotus F1 Team’s HQ.

The massive rise of ‘connected devices’ – also known as ‘The Internet of Things’ – is expected to in the coming years transform the way we do business. According to research firm Gartner, by 2020 the number of internet-connected physical devices will increase thirty-fold by 2020. One the one hand this trend offers businesses large opportunities, such as better service quality and/or operational efficiency driven by the adoption of state-of-the-art Big Data techniques, yet on the hand it provides companies with huge challenges. With more and more devices connecting to the web, and data capture growing at an exponential rate, seizing, storing and analysing the millions, if not billions of data records is becoming a gruelling task for CIO’s and their Big Data teams.

Altran - Big Data

For professional services firms, Big Data advisory and IT support – estimated to be one of the fastest growing segments within the consulting industry – has grown into a high-demand and lucrative industry. So too for Altran, a French origin engineering and consulting firm, with over 21,000 employees across the globe of the market leaders in its field. In response to the booming demand, the firm recently bundled its related services into its so-called ‘Intelligent Systems’ offering* and now, roughly one year later, the consultancy has unveiled that it is taking its solution to the next level with the launch of VueForge.

“Altran’s VueForge offering has been designed to help clients across all sectors to reap the benefits of industrial, machine-driven Big Data and focus on defining future generations of services and products,” explains Keith Williams, Group Vice-President for Altran’s Intelligent Systems portfolio. According to Williams, VueForge is an end-to-end offering that “combines technology, usage and business models in an efficient manner”, ultimately helping organisations harvest data at the “lowest cost using the most appropriate architecture”.

VueForge was formally launched in the UK at the company’s ‘Innovation Symposium’ held at Whiteways Technical Centre in Oxfordshire, the home of Lotus F1 Team, of which Altran is a Technical Partner. In the coming months Altran will gradually introduce the offering to its customers in the UK. 

* The Intelligent Systems offering brings together seven core offerings that enable organisations to develop and integrate intelligent systems and technologies: Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Safety, Security, Electronics, Connectivity and Industrial Analytics.