Accenture & Alcatel Lucent launch joint business unit

06 October 2014 3 min. read

Consulting and technology giant Accenture has teamed up with Alcatel-Lucent to launch a joint business unit, aimed at supporting communications service providers (CSPs) and large enterprises with efficiently managing their operations.

Against the backdrop of the rapidly increasing demand for communications services – such as broadband, wireless networks mobile and IT networks – telecom operators and other enterprises in the communications industry are being confronted with large challenges to their business. On the one hand they need to stay on par with the demand and technological developments, driving up complexity and costs, while on the other hand they at the same time need to monetise the potential, particularly in the area of data, to maintain a sustainable business model. In practice, CSPs are struggling with both areas, and as a result efficiency and ultimately financial performance in the industry has come under pressure. A recent research from Roland Berger for instance shows that since 2008 the size of the European telco market has contracted from $467 billion in 2007 to $406 billion currently, with profitability under even more pressure.

Accenture and Alcatel Lucent launch joint business unit

To help CSPs boosting the performance of their operations, Accenture and Alcatel-Lucent have formed a strategic alliance and launched a newly-formed ‘Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Business Group’, aimed at helping operators with “better managing the rising costs and increased data consumption.” The service portfolio will be centred around Alcatel-Lucent’s IP networking software platforms, and Accenture in turn will complement the portfolio with its consulting, systems integration and transformation capabilities. Key offerings include customer care operations, managing IP networks, mobile solutions and improving the digital customers experience of clients.

In addition, the partners have tied their direct business relationship. Going forward Accenture will be Alcatel-Lucent’s preferred supplier for software and network integration services, and vice versa Alcatel-Lucent will be a preferred technology provider for Accenture’s customer care and small cell solutions needs. They will also undertake joint innovation projects, for instance in the area of small cell wireless network solutions.

Pierre Nanterme - Michel Combes

“Consumers and businesses expect any network they are on to provide sophisticated services that support multiple devices, combined with fast, reliable access,” says Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent. “Our collaboration with Accenture is strategic to our growth as we work to enable our clients to deliver on those expectations.” Pierre Nanterme, global CEO of Accenture adds: “The collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent is consistent with our strategy of working at the heart of the digital ecosystem and growing our network services to enable communications service providers to undergo the transformation they need to thrive.

Recently Accenture also struck a partnership with Dutch multinational Philips, with a focus on the joint development of solutions for the healthcare industry. Two offerings have since been prototyped – a Google Glass based wearable for specialist doctors and a technology that helps ALS patients control their devices through voice and eye commands.