Slalom Consulting partners with culture firm RoundPegg

26 September 2014 2 min. read

Global consulting firm Slalom Consulting has agreed a strategic partnership with RoundPegg, a U.S. firm specialised in assessing and monitoring a company’s culture. As a result of the partnership, the firms will bundle their culture offerings, enabling them to “deliver world-class culture management solutions”.

Slalom Consulting is an advisory firm that offers a wide range of management consulting and IT consulting services, including sales and marketing, organizational effectiveness, mobility, information management, analytics and cloud offerings. Since its founding in 2001, the firm has grown to more than 2,500 consultants across 17 offices in the US and UK. Recently, Slalom Consulting was named the 3rd best ‘Management Consulting Firms to Work For’ by Consulting Magazine. 

Slalom Consulting partners with culture firm RoundPegg

RoundPegg is a culture management company that helps organisations tackle culture change. The Boulder-based firm (Colorado) differentiates itself in the marketplace through its ‘culture science’ methodology, an approach that blends data science with organisational psychology and uses data analytics and state-of-the-art software to blueprint a company’s DNA and quantify the impact of culture. RoundPegg works for large US clients such as Microsoft, Nike, eBay, Kaiser Permanent and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

To boost their capabilities and footprint in the marketplace, Slalom Consulting and RoundPegg have decided to strike a partnership. For Slalom Consulting, the addition of RoundPegg’s cloud-based solutions and services will boost its Human Capital offering (known internally as ‘Organisational Effectiveness’), while for RoundPegg the partnership will broaden its capabilities and client network. “Together, RoundPegg and Slalom shed light on culture opportunities with concrete data, a clear linkage to the bottom line and the capabilities needed to align and manage culture," says Joe Kuntner, Managing Director of Business Advisory Services for Slalom. "With this partnership, clients are able to pinpoint the right opportunities related to culture and target them with the right effort to realise the best performance possible." 

Joe Kunter - Tim Wolters

"Strong cultures produce strong results," adds Tim Wolters, EVP of Business Development at RoundPegg. "Slalom Consulting's dedication to helping their customers achieve both stronger organisational cultures and business results greatly enhance RoundPegg's ability to grow and deliver results for our customers."