3 firms contribute to Renewable Energy Finance Forum

17 September 2014 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

On 23 and 24 September, the ‘Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Europe’ takes place in Dublin. Over 300 industry players will travel to Ireland to gain insight in the latest trends and developments in the field of renewable energy and discuss the way forward for renewable energy in Europe. KPMG and Grant Thornton act as sponsors of the event, in addition experts from KPMG and Ecofys will provide a contribution to the event’s programme.

In the world of today, with a growing number of residents around the globe and thus a growing human dependency on energy for basic human needs, combined with more and more people needing energy for luxury goods, energy sources are getting exhausted. In addition, unrest in the world’s oil producing regions is causing a strain on the resources still available, and making countries rethink their energy dependency on countries such as Russia. As a result of these developments, renewable energy is becoming increasingly important, but with a decline in European investment in renewable energy in 2013, caused among others by the debt crisis, the industry is facing an uncertain future. This results in a need for organisations to put more and more thought and effort into developing solid and cost efficient renewable energy strategies and initiatives for the future.

Renewable energy more and more important

Renewable Energy Finance Forum
To help experts in the renewable energy ecosystem stay on top of the latest developments, Euromoney Energy Events on a regular basis organises the so-called ‘Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ (REFF). The event that focuses on the financial side of renewable energy was first launched in 1999, and has over the past years grown to the region's largest and most established event for renewable energy finance and investment. The REFF takes place every year in seven cities in Europe, the US, Asia and Latin America, and connects senior professionals from the renewable energy and clean-tech industries with investors, financiers and other senior executives.

This year’s REFF Europe is organised in the Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland, on 23 and 24 September 2014. Around 300 senior level professionals from the renewable energy sector are expected to attend the two-day event to exchange ideas and learn about market developments.

REFF Europe

Consulting firms
For consulting firms, the event provides the ideal moment to showcase their thought leadership, expertise and solutions in the field. At the event in Dublin, three consulting firms will provide a contribution, either by providing speakers or acting as a sponsor:

Christian Nabe, Managing Consultant Power Systems and Markets at Ecofys, will provide the presentation ‘Germany’s Energiewende’ on 23 September at 11:10. 

KPMG, which acts as a Platinum Sponsor, will host the networking evening reception on 23 September from 18.00-20.00. In addition, Michael Hayes, Country Leader Energy and Natural Resources in Ireland, will provide the Chair’s opening comments on 24 September.

Grant Thornton has partnered with the event as a Gold Sponsor.