PwC to help UK and US clients adopt ChatGPT Enterprise

03 June 2024 3 min. read

PwC has announced a landmark deal with ChatGPT Enterprise. The Big Four consulting firm is the first reseller for the AI technology.

As the hype around AI has grown, the majority of consulting firms have joined a scramble to incorporate the technology into their offerings. PwC has been at the forefront of this, announcing multiple partnerships with vendors of the technology to both enhance the firm’s own services, and help its clients to realise the same within their firms.

The latest development to this end has seen PwC pen an agreement with OpenAI, making PwC OpenAI’s first reseller for ChatGPT Enterprise and the largest user of the product. The move aims to expand PwC’s technology ecosystem, and bring GenAI deeper into its enterprise, enabling PwC to scale AI capabilities across the businesses of clients. 

PwC to help UK and US clients adopt ChatGPT Enterprise

According to a release from the firm, PwC is actively engaged in GenAI with over 95% of its UK and US consulting client accounts, alongside discussing the use and implications of AI with many of our audit clients, emphasising the near universal demand across industries for the transformative power of the tools. Looking ahead, the firm believes its expanded relationship with OpenAI “provides a playbook for companies looking to scale their AI infrastructure, apps, and services.”

“Through ChatGPT Enterprise, our UK and US workforces gain access to the most powerful version of ChatGPT, along with enterprise-grade security and privacy,” explained incoming PwC UK Chief Technology Officer Umang Paw. “We will also benefit from access to the latest tools, which will include OpenAI's recently announced ChatGPT-4o model and new capabilities focused on voice and image. For example, we are already developing custom GPTs to help our workforce with reviewing tax returns, proposal response generation, software lifecycle assistants, dashboard and report generation and more. These practical applications demonstrate how PwC will leverage GenAI solutions to help solve complex business problems.”

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research laboratory. Since its launch in 2015, OpenAI has leveraged systems running on the world’s fifth most powerful supercomputer, to conduct research in the pursuit of developing user-friendly AI tools. Initially, the firm selected Bain & Company as its first partner in the consulting sector, helping its clients integrate the technology developer’s innovations into daily tasks, reducing waste and supercharging productivity.

But as AI companies enter “the 'prove it' phase”, where they need to actively demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of GenAI, OpenAI has expanded its consulting industry ties to PwC. To help, the Big Four firm says it has already identified over 3,000 internal GenAI use cases, which represent “endless potential applications for clients across various industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and more.”

Joe Atkinson, vice chair and chief products and technology officer with PwC US added, “This relationship with OpenAI strengthens our long-standing commitment to AI, building upon the UK and US firms’ initial three-year, $1 billion investment announced in April of 2023. This significant investment has paved the way for unprecedented advancements in upskilling our people and delivering better services for clients through an expanded technology ecosystem.”