Airwalk Reply launches new technology podcast

24 May 2024 2 min. read
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Technology consultancy Airwalk Reply has launched a new podcast, named ‘The Big Questions in Tech’. The monthly series will offer expert insights on crucial tech topics – starting with the issues at play with artificial intelligence.

Excitement around artificial intelligence – and particularly generative AI – is reaching fever pitch, with recent polling suggesting that 75% of business leaders are afraid that their firm might be missing out on the technology. Another study also found three-quarters of global companies are adopting the technology at a “fast” or “very fast” pace – versus only 40% of organizations with “some” level of expertise. 

But even as firms race to avail themselves of the apparent benefits of AI – including boosts to productivity, improved accuracy in data processing, reduced costs – there is also apprehension throughout every layer of the corporate ladder. Employees most notably are concerned that their jobs will be scrapped in favour of machinery, but managers and executives are also increasingly worried that they might be replaced, or that their investments in AI might lead to unseen ethical, regulatory and financial problems further down the line.

At this moment, then, businesses need a trusted source to turn to for advice on the quickly-evolving challenges of AI adoption. To provide such a space, consultants from Airwalk Reply have launched a new podcast, which promises “actional insights for leaders and tech enthusiasts” on the toughest questions surrounding AI – and a plethora of other innovative new technologies.

A LinkedIn post from the consultancy announced, “Today at Airwalk Reply, we proudly present our new podcast series, The Big Questions in Tech. Join us to unravel innovation mysteries, explore groundbreaking advancements and decode modern tech complexities. Each episode offers actionable insights for IT leaders and tech enthusiasts, from AI's business impact to cybersecurity trends. Tune in for an engaging journey into technological education.”

Hosted by Airwalk Reply Partner Alex Hammond, the podcast is commencing with a series of monthly episodes focusing on AI. ‘The Big Questions on AI: Part One’ – which is already available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other leading podcast vendors – offers expert insights from guests Abi Wareing and Rob Ellison; leaders in the AI field determined to help unravel the mysteries of the technology, and dissecting its global impact.