How Rimini Street stays on the cutting edge of employee experience

15 November 2023 4 min. read

Consulting firms are continuing to find the recruitment and retention of talent tricky, amid a tight labour market. Emma Hose, the firm’s general manager for the EMEA region, explores the company’s approach to employee experience and engagement – and how firms can improve their employee offerings to boost results.

First of all, can you provide some insight into Rimini Street – what services it offers, its size and type of customers?

Rimini Street was founded in 2005 by Seth Ravin, who had a vision to reinvent enterprise software support and today we are a global provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner. We help our clients to run, manage, support, customise, configure, connect, protect, monitor, and optimise their enterprise application, database, and technology software platforms.

How Rimini Street stays on the cutting edge of employee experience

Rimini Street is more than 2,000 employees strong, with 29 offices in 21 countries, and we support client operations in 140 countries and territories. Since 2005, we have proudly delivered more than $8 billion in savings to our clients, 190 of which are Fortune 500 and Global 100 leaders.

Our revenue in the most recent quarter [the third quarter of the 2023 financial year) was $107.5 million, with an annualised recurring revenue of $416.3 million for the same quarter, and a strong 94% revenue retention rate for the trailing 12 months ended September 30, 2023.

How long have you been with Rimini Street?

I have been with Rimini Street for nearly ten years and have held a number of sales and senior leadership positions within the company. I started out as a senior account executive for the Australia and New Zealand region, then promoted as a sales director. From there, I was tapped to lead the regional team as GVP & General Manager. In 2021, I became the GVP and General Manager of all of EMEA, leading Rimini Street’s expansion across the complex, expansive region.

I see my career path as a prime example of how Rimini Street creates diverse and exciting opportunities for our employees, something that is really important to me personally and as a leader.

Tell me something more about that?

We all know the technology industry is incredibly competitive for talent, and more so as industries seek to digitise their business models and strategies. Therefore, it is crucial we ensure Rimini Street is an attractive place for top talent, helping us maintain our diverse workforce and supporting our growth and maturity in the market.

At Rimini Street, the ‘four C’s’ serve as a core of our identity and focus: Company, Clients, Colleagues and Community. In each of these areas, we as leaders, peers and colleagues, are committed to its health and success. For the company to reach new heights, create jobs and positively impact the economy, we need to lead with vision and strength. For our clients who look to us as an extension of their IT department and strategy, we need to have the right mix of talent to support their ever-growing complexities. For our colleagues who want to grow professionally and be proud of the work they do, we need to work together to achieve our shared goals and find the right balance to go the distance. For our community that we belong to, our success should be given back in the form of financial contributions and volunteer time.

This is what keeps me motivated serving as the regional leader and executive at Rimini Street.

So why do you think this is an important differentiator for Rimini Street?

Rimini Street’s position on the hybrid workforce remains the same as it has from day one:

  • Hire professionals whose commitment to delivering extraordinary is not bound by a physical location or time zones
  • Create a workplace culture rooted in strong values, trust, and accountability, with leaders to exemplify and nurture this philosophy
  • Most importantly, bring individuals into the workforce who are passionate about their craft and the purpose of our organisation; they will move mountains to make the impossible a reality for our clients.

These are key to ensuring high levels of client satisfaction, low employee turnover, and long-term growth for the company.

In our now 18th year, we continue to deliver nearly perfect client satisfaction ratings – currently at 4.9 out of 5.0 where 5.0 is considered excellent - and we won’t stop until we hit 5.0!

That achievement and goal is only possible because we have a highly engaged workforce, which is also underlined by the Great Place to Work surveys we have participated in. Most recently in the UK, we have been recognised as a Best Workplace for Women as well as achieving excellence awards as a Great Place to Work and Best Workplace for Wellbeing.

The addition of our 4-day flexible workweek program going strong since July 2022 is a benefit and enhancement to our culture of extraordinary!

What is next for Rimini Street?

The future is bright at Rimini Street! Since expanding from our core offerings of Rimini Support to now a wide range of support, solutions and products to include Rimini Manage, Rimini Consult, Rimini Connect, Rimini Protect, and Rimini Watch, we are in the most unique position to help our clients’ IT become the strategic profit-center of their business and serve as their trusted partner.

We look forward to welcoming the best and brightest to join us in this mission.