US EPA hires CGI Federal to deliver software management

14 April 2016 2 min. read

The US Environmental Protection Agency has hired CGI’s Federal unit to develop, test, and implement a software based management system for research as well as administrative tasks. The $22 million deal continues a more than 20 year relationship between CGI and the government agency.

The US Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970, following an executive order signed by the president Richard Nixon. The organisation enforces national standards, under a variety of environmental laws, through conducting environmental assessment, research, and education as well as levelling fines and sanctions in cases of non-compliance. The organisation is headquartered in Washington, D.C, and operates across the US from 10 regional offices and 27 laboratories. One of the arms of the organisation is the Office of Research and Development (ORD), which is tasked with research that provides a solid underpinning of science and technology for the Agency.

US EPA hires CGI Federal to deliver software management

The ORD recently announced that CGI Federal* has won a $22 million contract to provide the organisation with software development, testing, implementation and production support for new software based management systems for research, as well as administrative tasks at its laboratories, centres and offices. The deal builds on more than 20 years of support in the area of administrative and mission support management systems, which has included more than 240 applications. The new deal also continues the provision of agile development, application maintenance, database management and application platform management services.

Tim Hurlebaus, president of CGI Federal remarks that the firm is looking forward to continuing our long-standing support to their mission. Adding that “CGI’s ongoing partnership throughout all of EPA has enabled us to provide ORD with unique insight and efficiencies to help digitally transform their enterprise.”

“Our dedicated CGI experts understand EPA and ORD’s mission, enabling us to develop and maintain enterprise-wide applications that support consolidating administrative processes,” says Tim Turitto, CGI Federal senior vice president for Regulatory Agency Programs. “Our ability to deliver these solutions helps ORD achieve cost efficiencies through streamlined, consolidated support models, enabling cost savings to help drive innovation within ORD’s research and development mission.”

* CGI Federal is a US-based subsidiary of CGI Group. The firm aims at partnering with federal agencies in a wide range of areas, including defence, civilian, and intelligence missions.